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Custom Aluminium Extrusions

* 25 years experience in the aluminium industry
* Tailored packages to suit your needs

  • Kg/m 0.02 – 55kg/m – 5mm to 600mm wide
  • Quality complying with European standards
  • Fabrication
  • Anodising
  • Powder coating
  • Competitive rates

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Quality products and outstanding service
We supply quality aluminium profiles, exceeding your expectations. You will receive a personal, fast and friendly service helping you from concept to delivery.

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Finding the right source
This is the first vital step. Key considerations when choosing an aluminium extrusions specialist for your profiles include:

* Do they have the capability to extrude the range you require?
* Do they have in-house fabrication and/or finishing facilities?
* Do they hold the appropriate certifications, i.e. ISO9001, Qualinod, Qualicoat?
* How critical is the quality requirement for the end product?
* Does the extruder currently supply to markets requiring similar quality or higher?
* What lead time do they offer?
* On what basis are the prices calculated?
* Can they provide the required packing methods?
* Can they offer fixed price and over what term?

UK Profiles based in Banbury, Oxfordshire works with proven, trusted aluminium extrusion partners in the UK, including London, Birmingham, Northamptonshire, Hertfordshire & Leicestershire. We also work with partners in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Turkey and Asia. Reliable, quality, consistent suppliers are key to our business and to the confident service we can offer you, our customer.

Satisfied customers
Our customers are the most important assets of our business. We will strive to tailor a package to suit your needs. By all means Email us or call Jackie Kelly on 0333 4560121 to discuss your individual needs and requirements.

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