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Aluminium Extrusions

When you need complex profiles, aluminium extrusion is one of the most cost-effective methods of achieving the widest range of shapes and sizes.

With applications across many of today’s modern industries, aluminium profiles play an essential role in aerospace, electronics and engineering, and can be found in a huge variety of products from double-glazing to railway carriages.

Once you’ve been through the design process and we’ve created the die to be used, the process of creating it is a relatively straightforward one. The aluminium alloy to be used is heated before being pushed through the die at extremely high pressures, resulting in aluminium profiles that reach lengths of up to 42m as they’re pulled from the die.

These profiles are cut to the required length and can be anodised or powder-coated to your specific requirements, and we offer a complete fabrication service to complement our extrusions.

Aluminium extrusion requires less bespoke tooling than alternative manufacturing methods, and this allows us to keep the cost of producing aluminium profiles very competitive. Ideal for both short and long run projects, it is also well suited to product trials and development prototypes, giving you the opportunity to test your product design using real-world manufacturing techniques.

At UK Profile Components we ‘Love Aluminium’

This passion has driven us to establish relationships with some of premier suppliers in the UK and across Europe.

This gives us unrivalled versatility and we’re able to ‘cherry-pick’ the most suitable and cost-effective supplier to meet your specific needs, and due to our volume of business we can negotiate excellent rates.

Whether you’re looking for Aluminium profiles for lighting, display, electronic or automotive applications whatever the size, shape or quantity we’re certain we can help you.

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