UK Stockholders of Aluminium Extrusion

Aluminium Design

We use CAD technology to turn any of your designs into a physical creation. We can work from any simple sketches or electronic files that you may have.

The range of bespoke aluminium products we supply includes the design and fabrication of this metal. With 30 years of experience as one of the leading stockholders in this industry, our team have the relevant expertise to provide their input on how to tailor packages to fit your needs.

Aluminium Dies

Once we have completed the design of your Extrusion Die and this has been approved, we can then go on to produce this to start creating your Aluminium profile.

Aluminium Finishes

Aluminium is a naturally strong and durable metal with excellent corrosion resistance. Its structural integrity is not impaired by atmospheric attack.

Aluminium Extrusions

When you need complex profiles, aluminium extrusion is one of the most cost-effective methods of achieving the widest range of shapes and sizes.

The Extrusion Process

Aluminium profiles are used in vast numbers of manufacturing and construction projects all over the world.

Aluminium Fabrication

At UK Profiles we pride ourselves on offering our clients the complete package, that’s why we have specialists who can provide fabrication processes prior to the final finishing.

About us

As Managing Director of UK Profile Components, I offer you my 30 years experience within the Aluminium Industry.

Quality products and outstanding service

Our aluminium profiles will always be of a very high standard and we aim to exceed your expectations.
We pride ourselves in making sure that you achieve quality extrusions to suit your final application.
This is why we maintain constant communication with our customers from the concept stage of our service, all the way up to delivery.

Our Process


We actively use Computer Aided Design (CAD) Technology to bring the product to life, either in the traditional 2D form or more latterly utilising 3D conceptual design.

Fundamentally you have the choice as the end user as to what level of design you require. Often the level of aluminium design requirements will depend upon the end application and often, cost will have an impact upon this. At UK Profiles, we can design extrusions for you so that functionality lends itself to providing a superior design to match your requirements’.

We can offer a traditional 2D design if you prefer to keep costs down, through to 3D conceptual design which brings the product to life prior to committing fabrication cost.


Aluminium ExtrusionOnce design has been completed the process of extrusion begins. Aluminium is a durable material that when heated to the appropriate temperature, is malleable enough to be exposed to a great deal of deformation without breakage when subject to competitive stresses.

When pushed through the newly created die at great heat, the extruded aluminium can reach lengths exceeding 40 metres, down the process table. The extrusion is then stretched, cut and age hardened. Afterwards it is cut to length, drilled, tapped, punched or CNC machined if required and finally subjected to the required aluminium finishing.


The type of aluminium fabrication we offer will depend upon you as a client.

In a nutshell, we offer a service that designs the die to your requirements, sources the finest material from a well-established and reliable supply chain, extruding the aluminium and make use of CNC tooling, cutting the product to the desired length, drilling, tapping or punching the product and lastly provide several aluminium finishes to either make the product more pleasing to the eye or offer an extended life.

Powder coating

Besides it’s aforesaid durability – aluminium is exceptionally anti corrosive, often the client requires an aluminium finish that from an aesthetic perspective better lends itself to the end application; whether that be for a promotional display / exhibition stand or a pharmaceutical application.

Alternatively, clients sometimes want to prolong the natural shelf life and enhance the appearance of the material by applying either a powder coating and aluminium anodising finish to the product. At UK Profiles, we offer that service – being a ‘One Stop Shop’.


The anodizing of aluminium involves a sequence of processes as follows: Mechanical Treatment > Rack> Degrease > Matt etch or Brighten > Desmut > Anodize > Colour > Seal > Derack. By immersing the product in a dilution of sulphuric acid it increases the natural oxide layer on the surface of the metal. What this means essentially, is that it provides a better adhesion for paint primers and glues than the bare metal itself. Moreover, by anodising the product it safeguards against ‘galling’ or bubbling and flaking of the surface.

What we offer

Our extensive range of services include aluminium design, die, extrusions through to fabrication and finishing to fulfil your needs. Any sort of aluminium design can be given to our team and with the aid of CAD technology we can turn these into a reality! Our dies are a type of tool template that is used to make aluminium profiles. These dies are customer exclusive. Extrusions are then produced in order to achieve the most cost-effective way of making a wide range of shapes and sizes. After this our team of specialists can fabricate your profile before the product is finally finished.

Stockholding Service

Our warehouse management team handles your extrusions with care. Stock is carefully booked in and out. Outgoing stock is labelled with your part number, order number, length and any other detail you may require. Your extrusions are delivered on a dedicated vehicle – directly to your chosen destination.

We can also manage your stock for you, if you wish. You will have total visibility of your stock at all times with regular updates at each stock movement. We can provide automatic stock replenishment or we can discuss a tailored agreement. Deliveries typically 2/3 days from call off.

Alternatively we can supply directly from the mill.

If you are interested in what you’ve heard so far, then check out the product pages on site for more information. And if you still have any queries, or would like more information about our stockholder services, don’t hesitate to email us or call Jackie Kelly on 0333 4560121 to discuss your individual needs and requirements.


We have been dealing with UK Profile Components since September 2006.

I have found they offer a comprehensive service including mill sourcing, tooling and stocking options for a range of Ultima Display’s aluminium extrusions.

Jackie offers quick and efficient communication which ensures speed to market followed by on time replenishment.

Jackie offers competitive pricing, allowing us to retain a cutting edge against fierce competition

David O’Connor
Ultima Displays

UK Profile Components have our full support and we endorse their expertise in enabling AIM Aviation (Henshalls) Ltd. to resolve supply chain issues and quality problems across a range of satin anodised extruded aluminium sections.

Through your knowledge and awareness of the industry, you have skilfully aligned our requirements to mutually best advantage.

David Cox
Aim Aviation

“It gives me great pleasure to recommend Jackie Kelly and UK Profile Components. In particular the willingness to take on tasks which you may not expect from an extrusion supplier.

My first contact with Jackie was in 1992, when she organised a set of extrusions for my company (Pro-Run Precision). We designed and machined aluminium extrusions for the Hi-Fi industry. It was then that I first had experience of Jackie’s excellent service and attention to detail.

Michael J Mullen
Helio Dynamics